Trump budget Global losers of ‘America First’ plan


US and UK ban cabin laptops
on some inbound flights

Speaking to thousands gathered in Detroit on Sunday, Minister Louis Farrakhan said African-Americans shouldn’t place their faith in Democrats or Republicans, criticizing both parties for neglecting the black community… read more

Israel and the ESCWA

A community united, building broad coalitions, can push back President Trump
issued... read more

Michigan & The People

President Trump’s daughter Ivanka to get White House office
President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump is to have an office in the White House, her lawyer says.... read more

Community News

Dingell Statement on President Trump’s
Visit to Michigan
WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Congresswoman Debbie
Dingell (MI-12) released the following statement in advance of President Trump’s visit to the  American Center for Mobility
... read more

In the News Today

It’s Been One Month. How’s the Trump
Agenda Going?

JERUSALEM — If being an apartheid state means
committing inhumane acts, systematic oppression
and domination by one racial group over another,then Israel is guilty, a United Nations... read more
Fractured Lands: How the Arab World Came Apart -2

Civilians fleeing Basra, Iraq, March 2003. Paolo Pellegrin/History never flows in a predictable
way. It is always a result of seemingly
random currents and incidents, the significance of which can be determined... read more



Tech Firms Reject Second Trump
Travel Ban

In an amicus brief, 56
companies said that
the new ban against
travel from several
Muslim countries... read more

You Must Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals

Many people are fighting the weight loss battle unsuccessfully
why?Millions of Americans get on the road for the weight loss journey... read more








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