Obama Democratic Party Needs To Reflect ‘Show Up"


Trump to supporters
harassing minorities: ‘Stop it’

Washington (CNN) Donald Trump on Sunday told his supporters to stop harassing minorities, in his first televised sitdown interview since becoming President-elect… read more

Hillary Clinton delivers painful
concession speech

New York (CNN)”I’m sorry.”
With those simple words, Hillary Clinton, who thought she would wake up Wednesday as the first woman president-elect but crashed to a stunning election defeat to Donald Trump, ended her White House... read more

Michigan & The People

For better or worse, Trump has promises to keep in Michigan

WASHINGTON —Elections have consequences, the saying goes. And last week’s stunning triumph by Donald Trump is no different when it comes to Michigan: If the president-elect... read more

Community News

Dearborn police chief invited to global
community policing conference

Due to the Dearborn Police Department’s recognized
success with community
policing, Police Chief Ronald
Haddad... read more

In the News Today

Have we learned anything

Throughout this election
process, we have seen
many things and have
heard many speeches and
debates.... read more

More News

Studio Opening

Janet L. Kondziela and Kathleen W. O’Connell are two Dearborn residents who moved their studio from Detroit to Dearborn in 2010. Their first studio was at 1031 Mason
. Read more



What does a Trump presidency
mean for tech

The eight-year bromance
Barack Obama -- who
appointed the first
chief technology officer
for the US... read more


Cranberry: The Healthiest Holiday Fruit

The gorgeous, dazzling red color of cranberry makes it a
charming adornment for the holiday season. Cranberry is
often forgotten until... read more








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