Iran nuclear deal not dead despite Trump move, France says


With Israel and Iran clashing over Syria, no end in sight for the conflict

Fct is no longer primarily Syrian. With seven years of
political and military escalation, Syria has turned into… read moree

iguel Díaz-Canel: The man
succeeding the Castros

Cuban President Raúl Castro has stepped down almost 12 years after he first took over presidential duties... read more

Michigan & The People

Trump-Russia ‘collusion’: Democrats file
The Democratic Party in the US is suing Russia, the Trump campaign and the whistleblowing website... read more

Community News

Washington Watch: The Struggle for the Idea of America
This week I traveled
to Dearborn, Michigan to speak at the 15th annual
“Images and Perceptions”
... read more


What is cloud computing

Simply put, cloud computing
is the delivery
of computing services—
servers, storage,
databases, networking,
software, analytics... read more

Ramadan’s Message Eat LESS Waste Less Food
Food waste is a global concern suggesting we are irresponsible
in managing our food. Many countries
around the world... read more








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