Kofi Annan: Remembering the world’s top diplomat


Will Trump’s tariffs stop
Chinese espionage?

China’s commerce ministry has announced that it will start imposing 25%
import duties targeting $16bn (£12.4bn) worth of US goods… read moree

Charlottesville remembered:
‘A battle for the soul of America

On 12 August, the small, serene city of Charlottesville, Virginia will
mark the anniversary of a deadly white nationalist rally that shocked the nation... read more

Michigan & The People

Unite the Right: White nationalists outnumbered at Washington rally
PWhite nationalists have staged a rally near the White House in Washington, but were far outnumbered by
counter-protesters... read more

Community News

Will Trump’s tariffs stop Chinese espionage
The victim was his business American Superconductor
(AMSC), and the perpetrator was a Chinese company called Sinovel Windpower.... read more


The future of Information Technology

The biggest problem isn’t the machines, it’s
the people involved at every level, inside and
out. I worked in computer security for many
years... read more

Foods To Promote a Healthy Gut Microbiome
Our bodies are covered with a myriad of microbes,
we always have considered them as our enemies actually
most of them... read more








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