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  • In wake of Panama Papers, Obama calls on Congress to fix tax ‘inversions

  • السعودية أطفـــــال اليمـــن في حرب الكبار العبثية !!

  • البرلمان وثائق سرية “تكشف إخفاء” أثرياء ومقربين من زعماء دول ثرواتهم

  • Dangerous and Delusional

  • US elections fuel tension of Arab-Israeli conflict

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Biz tec

Financial Management for the Small Business

Business financial management in the small firm is characterized, in many different cases,


Taking That Medicine

Many people living with one or more chronic diseases would be dead without prescription drugs. While prescription drugs are saving lives and helping us live longer taking them with certain food...

Michigan and the people

Investing in Mental Health: Dollars Well Spent

Soon after Governor Snyder’s 2016-17 budget was introduced, many of my constituents contacted my office to express their concerns about contentious