It’s Been One Month. How’s the Trump Agenda Going?


Speaking in Detroit, Farrakhan slams both Democrats and Trump

Speaking to thousands gathered in Detroit on Sunday, Minister Louis Farrakhan said African-Americans shouldn’t place their faith in Democrats or Republicans, criticizing both parties for neglecting the black community… read more

President Trump’s immigration executive order, law and politics: Questions and Answers

A community united, building broad coalitions, can push back President Trump
issued... read more

Michigan & The People

Business owners stand by decision to fire workers who protested

Jim Serowski knew his employees planned to
skip work last Thursday.
They told him they wanted to participate in “A Day Without Immigrants,”... read more

Community News

Ex-Dearborn City Clerk Buda arrested, arraigned on embezzlement counts

The former city clerk of Dearborn was arrested earlier this month and arraigned on charges of swiping hundreds of dollars from the city
... read more

In the News Today

It’s Been One Month. How’s the Trump
Agenda Going?

One month in, Donald Trump’s presidency looks
much like his campaign: a continual series of crises... read moree
The US-Arab Relationship in the “Age of Trump

As US President Donald Trump and Iran’s Ayatollah
Khamenei trade barbs, a nervous Arab World is caught in the middle..
.. Read more



Facebook’s latest goal is to connect (and save) the world

For nearly 13 years
now, Facebook has
been trying to make
connections between
friends... read more

Weight Watchers # 1 Diet For Weight Loss

October Are you looking for an easy diet to drop off those extra pounds you packed over the holidays? Weight Watchers is ranked # 1... read more








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