That Fateful Day...


Platform and Politics: The
Change We Made

The true measure of any society is how we take care of our children.With all of our country’s resources, no child should ever have to grow up in poverty… read more

2016 Michigan Primary
Election: Wayne County results

The public is invited to attend the dedication of the Dearborn Veterans Park and War Memorial on Saturday, Sept. 24, to honor those who gave their lives... read more

Michigan & The People

Reps. Chang and Santana Introduce Bills to Allow Residents Drivers licenses ID Cards

Lansing – State Representatives Harvey Santana (D-Detroit) and Stephanie Chang (D-Detroit)... read more

Community News

Obama at U.N: ‘A Nation Ringed by WallsWould Only Imprison Itself

President Obama strongly defended a globalized, interconnected
world... read more

In the News Today

Seven messages the US-Israeli aid deal
sends to the world

Beneath the sheer size of the $38bn package are subtle policy decisions that the world... read more

More News

Why Are Mass Killings by White People in the US Almost Never Called Terrorism?

Dylann Roof, who killed nine black churchgoers at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in June... Read more



What is cloud computing anyway?

Among the many
tech terms flying
around these days,
you’ve probably
been hearing a lot
about “the cloud... read more


Eat Less Meat for Sustainable Planet

Americans are among the biggest meat eaters in the
world despite recommendations from the American Institute for Cancer... read more









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