Republicans oppose healthcare care plans leaving party


Qatar-US terrorism funding
deal insufficient, Saudi-led bloc

The four Arab states leading a boycott of Qatar say it will continue despite a deal
between Washington and Doha to combat the financing of terrorism… read more

Turkey coup anniversary: Erdogan
hails ‘defenders of nation’

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has given emotional speeches
to tens of thousands of people a year after a coup attempt was faced downin the streets..... read more

Michigan & The People

Jordan soldier who killed US trainers
jailed for life

A Jordanian soldier has been sentenced to life in prison with hard labour for killing three US military trainers last.. read more

Community News

Free kids activities changed to Fridays
on July 28 and Aug. 25
DEARBORN, Mich. – The recently created opportunity for families to enjoy free events will now take place
on Friday, July 28 and Friday, Aug. 25,
... read more


The Major Security Risks Small Businesses Face

Small and midsize businesses often make a philosophical
mistake right off the bat: They assume they
are too small to be relevant to hackers.... read more

What to Eat &Not to Eat To Support Thyroid Health

exercise everyday, I eat little food but I am fat because
of my thyroid.” I’ve heard many women battling weight
gain make this statement. At the meantime there are
some people who consider... read more








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